Wondering Which HandBand Pro® Workout Grips are Right for You?

You can't go wrong with any of our best-selling workout grips, but everyone has their preferences. If you've never used HandBand Pro® before, you might be wondering which design will work best for you.

All of our grips prevent blisters and rips and offer total hand and finger freedom. They were specifically designed to eliminate the bulky, unnecessary material on the palm and between the fingers that is the bane of other gloves.  

    Comparison chart

    Features Original Alpha



    V3 Universal 
    Prevents blisters & rips X X X X X
    One-piece design X X X X X
    Moisture-absorbing X X X X X
    Anti-fatigue, no slip grip X X X X X
    High performance 4-way stretch fabric X X X X X
    Durable (lasts over a year) X X X X X
    Machine washable X X X X X
    Minimal fabric (2 mm) X X X
    Great for wheelchair use X X X
    Finger slits X X
    Slides to wrists between sets X X
    Adjusts with a twist for custom fit X
    Smooth side slides to palm for cleaner kettlebell movements X
    Velcro closure for adjustable fit X X
    Neoprene for more support (4mm) X X
    Comfortable wrist support X

    How are people using HandBands?

    Most of our customers like each of the grips for a different purpose.

    Some love the ALPHAs for everyday lifting, rowing, and kettlebell work and use the V3 on their heavier lifting days where they need more wrist support.

    It's really a matter of preference, but once you use HandBand Pro®, don't be surprised when you want a pair of each!

    Once you choose, be sure to check out the simple sizing method to be sure of the right fit! 

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