Why do HandBands work so well?

Our patented designs place the grip parallel to the bar.

 CrossFit competitor performing a pullup with HandBands

The problem with most workout grips is the unnecessary material on the palm of your hand and between your fingers. The grip typically extends from your fingers to your wrists, and then athletic tape, velcro or some other anchor is required to fix them around your wrists.

When you close your hand around the bar, the extra material on the palm bunches up because it has no where to go. This bunching pinches the skin on the callus line, traps sweat, and causes blisters and rips.

We think outside the box

Our fitness grips eliminate the extra material without sacrificing function—you have an awesome grip where you need it and air where you don't. Complete hand and finger freedom.

  • The grip lies flat between your hand and the bar without bunching. It covers your callus line parallel to the bar.
  • The friction that would cause rips and tears is transferred to the band without interfering with your perception of the bar.



      All of our patent pending designs

        • Prevent blisters and rips
        • Provide an anti-fatigue, no-slip grip
        • Give you total hand freedom
        • Can be taken on/off in moments
        • Are durable and machine washable


      They're machine washable, but treat them like socks. Put them in a mesh laundry bag so you don't lose one!

      To extend their useful life hand wash in cold running water with mild detergent or OxyClean and lay flat or hang to dry. 

      HandBand Pro® is the leader in functional fitness grips for weight training, kettlebell lifting, rowing, OCR, and calisthenics.

      Hard work is required. Ripped hands are optional.