Destroy your Workout - Not your Hands!

We eliminated all the bulky material that's useless, traps sweat, and bunches up on your palm.

HandBand Pro®'s patented one-piece designs are simple solutions for ripped hands!

You know the feeling. Workout gloves bunch up and trap sweat, softening and pinching your skin which causes it to blister and rip. Sticky athletic tape binds and restricts movement and doesn't absorb sweat or hold up to tough workouts. Chalk? Sure, it absorbs sweat, but prevent rips? Nope.

 Don't compromise performance because of your grip!
 Hard work is required - but ripped hands? OPTIONAL. 


How to prevent blisters and rips from working out


And let's talk a little about your nasty hands.

No offense, but all that equipment you're sharing? It may not be all that you're sharing. Intact skin is the most important barrier of protection you have. A break in the skin allows direct exposure to germs that cause illness and infection.

HandBand Pro® protects your hands from blisters and rips, plus it creates an additional barrier between your hands and the equipment you share with others. And you know you're not the only one with messed up hands in your gym.


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HandBand Pro Original product - patent pending