Share the Seat - Not the Sweat!

Posted by Danielle Pettifor on

You probably haven't thought about it much, or maybe like me, you HAVE: other people's sweat on gym equipment and rower seats. Yeah, it's nasty. Nobody wants to share that, but we do it all the time!

Do you Crossfit? Go to Orange Theory? Planet Fitness? LA Fitness? You sit on a lot of equipment. After other people. Other sweaty people.

Sure, they wipe it down, but really... you and I both know it's not clean. And it's kinda awkward to wipe it down BEFORE you use it, so you just sit down and get to work. And sweat. And get up to go get the towels with the sanitizer spray and leave that embarrassment there til you get back. Ugh.

Has it ever bothered you before now? It bothered me. Not only do I not like sitting in other people's sweat, I don't like to leave a nasty seat behind for someone else. Enter the GymPro®. Problem solved.

the GymPro® hygienic seat barrier provides a clean surface to sit on when sharing gym equipment

The GymPro® is portable and versatile and is used for:

  • the rower - you know, that hard, plastic seat that you share with others
  • creating a barrier between you and all the gym equipment you sit on
  • making back squats more stable and comfortable on your upper back and neck
  • sitting on in the car when you drive home from a sweaty workout

It's a moisture-absorbing barrier between you and the seat, and you'll leave the seat sweat-free and ready for the next person, who will likely love you for it. 

The GymPro® hygienic seat barrier creates a clean and moisture-absorbing barrier between you and the gym equipment you share!

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