Product Highlight: HandBand Pro® Grips

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handbandpro prevents blisters and rips on your hands during your grueling workouts

HandBand Pro®: 

    • Designed especially for: Preventing blisters and rips and providing excellent no-slip, anti-fatigue grip with total hand freedom.

    • Fabric: HandBand Pro® Original,  ALPHA Low Profile, Omega, and Universal are constructed of a moisture-absorbing, 4-way stretch fabric (nylon/polyester blend) that is super thin and comfortable. HandBand Pro® V3 and ALPHA PowerGrips are constructed of neoprene for additional support. 

      Grip: a specially engineered no-slip fabric that holds up strongly to wear and abrasion while offering grip in both wet and dry conditions. Waterproof, fire retardant, washable. 
    • Durable: HandBand Pro® are made to last. Based on feedback from our customers, with 5 to 6 days/week of intense use, our Original and Alpha grips last 1.7 years (on average). We still don't know the average lifespan of the V3's because they've been going strong for 2+ years, so at least that! 
    • Product Care: For longest use, hand wash quickly in cold running water with mild detergent or OxyClean and lay flat to dry. Or if you throw them in the washer, put them in a mesh laundry bag so you don't lose one! They're like socks that way. **wink**


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