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We are super excited to announce Amber Bost as HandBand Pro®s newest sponsored athlete! We were drawn to her magnetic personality and giving heart through her IG posts, and getting to know her proves to be inspirational and moving. Read her story below and you'll see why she was chosen to be an HBP Sponsored athlete!


Hi everyone! My name is Amber, and as far as who I am, well, that includes a few titles and a little explanation. Meeting me today, you would find a fit, happy, adventurous woman who is happily married with 2 wonderful (if crazy and chaotic at times!) children. But my road to get here is what really makes me who I am today and I regret none of the paths my life has taken.

In 2003, my adult life began with my enlistment into the Army on active duty. I wasn’t fit (my mile run time was near 11 minutes eek!), I had never been away from home, but I was ready to do something that mattered. With this enlistment, I saw, did and accomplished a lot more than I ever thought I would. First, I got married, then, was blessed with my 2 children, and deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. But at the same time, married and children were stressful and my job was as well. This led me to balloon up to 235 pounds at my heaviest. It was horrible. I was slow, I didn’t fit in my uniforms (I wore my husbands), and felt miserable all the time. It took me a slow 5 years to run and diet all of that excess weight off (including another pregnancy in the middle of my journey and a divorce at the end!) before I was happy with the scale. But then, I wasn’t happy with my proportions. No one ever tells you that when you have that much weight to lose, what is left behind is not what you see in those success stories in magazine or online. Things get saggy, stretchy, and not desirable. Enter CrossFit.

In 2013, I joined CrossFit. While CrossFit wasn’t the catalyst that removed my weight, it is what gave me the body I have now. And that body is so much better than what it was or what I thought I wanted. After losing that 100 pounds, I had your bat wings, saggy thighs, and a lower tummy that could have used an ironing board (seriously! My belly button frowns!). Initially, CrossFit was my tool to train for a obstacle course race with my friend, but as classes went on, I got stronger. I got faster. I gained confidence. I found where I was supposed to be. Those bat wings tightened up, the thighs blobs became cut quads, and my stomach earned that coveted six pack (though you can only see it on the upper part since my lower is still very wrinkly, grrr). With this change, I started competing with CrossFit. I have come in first in some, and middle of the pack in others, but I LOVE every minute of it. I love the exhaustion, the community, and the challenge. I have met both of my best friends while at my box and have learned more about myself than I thought possible. So while I might not be as comfortable still to strut around shirtless, I do strut my strength around! I’m a mom and that’s where my body carried them.

When I was asked to become a Sponsored Athlete for HandBand Pro, it was like a dream come true! Knowing that a company I was passionate about, and one that was passionate about giving back to others, was interested in repping me is just amazing. I’m always that one that’s out to help everyone else in their fitness and health goals, or the “geardo” that tries everything to give others information. So do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions too! I hope to embody their ethos and carry the brand name well. The handbands themselves are already making a huge difference in my workouts! 


Welcome to Team HBP, Amber! We are inspired by you and excited about all the lives you will motivate with your inspirational story.


Follow Amber's journey on her blog, on Instagram (@liveliftrun), and read her review of HandBand Pro® here


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